Where do bed bugs come from? Bed bugs are believed to originate from Asia, Europe or Africa. We still cannot tell where exactly they come from, but we can say that it is highly unlikely that they originate from America. Now, you may ask, how did bed bugs come all the way from Asia or Europe?

Bed Bugs Origin

As we know, they cannot fly and they live for one year on average. So, how did they come to our continent? Well, the answer is quite simple. Travelers have probably brought bed bugs with them. An American tourist could have traveled to some of the Asian or European countries, stayed in a hotel where he accidentally got bed bugs, and then brought them to America. After this, bed bugs reproduced and became quite numerous. They reproduce very fast. One female can lay hundreds of eggs in very short time.

We thought that bed bugs were exterminated after the World War II, but this is not true, as you can see. Bed bugs are still one of the most difficult problems, seen in many homes. They are not dangerous, but they are annoying. They feed on our blood, and they leave bite marks that look like rashes. People usually think that they have an allergy, but these are actually bed bug bites. These red bumps are grouped together and you can have them on your neck, face, shoulders and arms. You will notice bed bug bites after a day or two and they will become itchy. Do not scratch your skin, because you can cause infections or skin irritation.

You can visit your dermatologist to get some soothing cream, or you can use some home remedies for irritated skin. You can use calamine lotion, baking soda and salt, lavender oil, oatmeal and antibacterial soap are some of the good home remedies for bed bugs.

The only way to prevent bed bugs is to keep you furniture clean. If you have any wall cracks in the house, make sure to seal them. Bed bugs like dark and quiet places, so they can be found in your closet, wall cracks, old armchairs, beds, etc.

You can use chemicals, but you need to be careful with these. Read the label and see if these products are harmful to humans or animals.

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