If you want to know what causes bed bugs, read our article to find out. We know that finding a cause is the first step toward solving every problem. If you want to know how to solve the problem with bed bugs, you will have to know what attracts these creatures. You can do several things to prevent bed bugs from invading your bed and other furniture. These little creatures are parasites and they actually feed on your blood. You won’t even know that they are present in your home. You will become aware of their presence when you see the symptoms. In other words, you will know they are there when you see the bites on your skin.

These parasites do not live in the ‘usual’ places. They actually live with you, in your bed. Their bites do not hurt you right away and you do not feel any pain. The bite mark will appear later. Your skin can get very irritated and this rash can be itchy and annoying. If you scratch the skin, you can cause an infection, which can only make things worse.

Bed Bugs Causes

As we said, bed bugs feed on your blood. This means that they are attracted to living organisms. That is the very reason why they first invade your bed and other furniture. You spend much time in your bed, don’t you? Well, that is perfect for them to feed. They can reproduce very fast and there can be hundreds of them in very short time. There is not just one simple reason why they came into your home, but you can take up some measures to prevent them.

The most important thing is to keep your furniture clean. Regular vacuuming is helpful, but you can also get some help from a specialized company that does this work with specially designed equipment. That is the only way to be sure you have removed them from your furniture.

Now that you know what attracts these bugs, you can visit your dermatologist and get a lotion for your skin. These lotions are applied directly onto the skin before going to bed. This will keep them away. If you see any red bumps on your skin, grouped together, this can be a symptom of bed bug bites. It looks similar to allergies and can be itchy.

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