If you are wondering how to stop the itch of bed bug bites, read our article to find out. Bed bug bites can be very irritating and itchy. If you scratch the bites, you can easily irritate your skin and cause skin infections and inflammation. You can even cause some scarring, especially if you have sensitive skin. Sometimes it is hard not to scratch the spot, especially during your sleep. If your child has been bitten by a bed bug, it can be very hard to explain him/her that he/she must not scratch the bite marks. You should not blame your kids for scratching the bite marks, since these really are very itchy.

How to Stop Scratching Your Skin

We know how irritating these bites can be, especially if they are on your face. However, you must not scratch them! You can irritate your skin even more and cause skin infections. If you want to calm your skin, you can visit your dermatologist to get some soothing lotion or cream. Do not use any skin care products on your own. Your dermatologist will give you the right skin care product, suitable for your skin type.

You can use various natural remedies, ointments and creams. However, you should avoid oily skin care products and make up. Do not use powders and foundations for some time. These can only irritate your skin and prevent it from “breathing”.

How to Prevent Bed Bug Bites

You can visit your dermatologist and ask for some advice on bed bug bites prevention. You can buy various lotions and creams, suitable for your skin type. These skin care products are used before going to bed, so you will be quite safe during the night.

Some home remedies are great for soothing irritated skin. Mint and lavender can relieve the irritation.

If you want to prevent these insects from invading your house, you will have to vacuum the house regularly. Clean all rooms, even those you don’t use. Get rid of your old furniture. Old beds you store in the house are ideal environment for the bed bugs to reproduce.

You can use chemicals designed for these purposes. However, you must ask a professional for some advice on which product to use. Some of these products can harm your pets or cause allergic reaction in children and adults. Some chemicals are considered harmless and quite safe for use; nevertheless, keep them away form children and pets.

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