Before we see how to get rid of earwigs, we need to understand them. Contrary to popular legend, earwigs do not infest the auditory canals of humans. In reality, earwigs tend to inhabit dark, damp areas and stay away from people as much as possible. Earwigs are a common pest in gardens, watery areas or around the foundations of homes.

Earwigs are mistaken for beetles or roaches much of the time. The identifying feature of an earwig is the long, nasty looking pinchers at the tail end. It is a fact that those pinchers can cause some pain or discomfort, but these little beasties do not transfer any disease and are definitely non-venomous. So while they are not pleasant to look at or gave around, earwigs are not dangerous to humans.

Take This Simple Steps to Get Rid of the Earwigs

1. Take Away Their Favorite Spots

If you want to know how to get rid of earwigs, the best and easiest way is to remove their choice of living spaces. Do this and the insects will be forced to find suitable housing. Go around your home’s exterior and remove any dark, dank places that earwigs may find appealing. Piles of wet leaves, compost heaps, old newspaper piles or rocks may give the bugaboos a place to live. Ensure that your downspouts point away from the house. Lay a bed of light gravel around your foundation to keep it dry and earwig free.

2. Dehumidify

Typically, earwigs like it warm, moist and basically humid. In the summer months when earwigs are most common, run a dehumidifier and remove the moisture from the air. If you have already determined the problem areas, set the dehumidifiers up in those areas as well. This will drive the beasties out for certain.

3. Entrapment

If you have seen earwigs in the house, but don’t know where they are lurking, try drawing them out and trapping them. Leave a small pile of damp newspapers or something like that. Leave it out overnight and by morning, you will most likely see those guys hanging out there. Scoop them up and show them the door. This is an effective method for how to get rid of earwigs. Be sure to do this a couple of times until you stop seeing them in the morning. Hopefully, you will have gotten them all.

4. Introduce Natural Enemies to Your Garden

If you have earwigs in your garden, it will not be long before they find your house. Put up a bird feeder or a bird bath out there. Many birds feed on earwigs and many other insects to boot. It won’t be long until your earwigs have become dinner for the welcome guests (birds) in your garden.

5. Go Old School and Call RAID!

RAID! kills bugs dead. Remember those commercials? The most direct method is to use either chemical or natural insecticides. Please use them responsibly and read the instructions first. Learning how to get rid of earwigs shouldn’t make you sick in the process.

6. Bring in the Reserves

When all else has failed and the earwigs seem to be winning, call a professional. Pest control pros and exterminators can rid you of the ugly little buggers permanently. It might be a bit more costly than the methods listed above, but it IS a quicker, more permanent option. Especially if you do not want to deal with the insects on your own.

7. Alternative Ways to Get Rid of Earwigs

There are a few other methods you can try here. For instance, some insects are attracted to certain types of light, such as sodium lights. Put a couple of these lights outside your home and it may draw the earwigs away from the house.

If an insecticide is not the way for you, try using boric acid. Lay a line of this liquid anywhere you suspect the bugs of passing through. If they move directly through the acid, they will die. Boric acid is not corrosive to skin or other materials, but it is deadly to many insects.

When you are watering your plants, add a small amount of dish soap to the water. It will not harm your plants and is poisonous to insects like earwigs. This is a simple and cheap answer to how to get rid of earwigs.

One last easy method is to take out your trash. Earwigs LOVE the trash! It is dark, mostly wet or damp and they can feed freely. Take it out to the can in the alley as often as possible. Lack of food equals lack of earwigs!

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