How dangerous is a bed bug bite? These bugs live in your bed, carpets and other furniture. They are active during the night and they feed on the blood of humans and animals. Their bites can sometimes be very itchy and annoying, and this can last for two or three weeks. Now, people are often unaware that they have been bitten by a bed bug; they mostly believe that it is an allergy. However, these marks look different from shin rashes. They are grouped together and they look like red bumps on your skin.

Are Bed Bug Bites Dangerous?

Bed bug bites are certainly annoying, but they are not too dangerous. However, you must not scratch your skin, because it can leave scars. If your kid has been bitten, try explaining that he/she must not scratch the bites because scratching can cause skin infections and scarring. As you can see, these bites can lead to skin irritation and infection, but only if you scratch them. This can particularly bad if the bites are on your face, so you can scratch them in your sleep. What can you do to calm the skin? Before you go to bed, apply some nourishing cream or lotion to your skin and leave it overnight. If the bites are on your face, avoid makeup products, especially powders. Let your skin breathe and avoid oily creams.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

If you (or other members of your family) have been bitten, you will have to take up some steps in getting rid of these annoying insects. Your house hygiene is extremely important in bed bugs prevention. Regular vacuuming and using best fly trap indoor will keep them away. You can call professional cleaners. They will come and do the carpet cleaning and furniture vacuuming. They use powerful equipment, so you will be safe for some time. However, you must maintain the house hygiene regularly.

You should remove your old furniture form the house. If you store any old furniture, move it to some other place. Bed bugs love old furniture because they can breed there, without being interrupted.

Visit your dermatologist and ask for some advice on skin care. If you have bite marks on your skin, you can use some lotions and creams to calm the irritated skin. Your dermatologist can give you some effective ointments or creams to use before going to bed. These will keep you safe during the night and prevent bed bugs from biting you.

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