Here you can read about home remedies for bed bugs. You will also find out more about bed bugs. We think we know something about these creatures, but the fact is that we are too afraid of them. If we knew more, we would not be so afraid of these insects. Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, meaning that they are active during the night. They bite humans and animals and feed on their blood. Bed bug bites do not occur right after the bite. They are visible after a couple of days.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Bed bug bites usually look like red bumps on your skin. These bumps are grouped together and they are very itchy. You can find these rashes on your neck, face, arms and shoulders. Most of us would think that this is an allergy, but if you take a better look at these marks, you will see that these are just small bites.

People are confused because they don’t know where these bites come from. It’s like you wake up in the morning and you see the rashes, without having a clue where they come from. Bed bugs can bite you without any difficulties, because they use their saliva as an anesthetic. You won’t be able to feel anything, because they will inject their own saliva into your skin. They will feed on your blood, and after a day or two, you will see the bites on your skin. That is how it happens.

Bed Bug Bites Home Remedies

You probably think that there is some kind of special treatment for bed bug bites, but the fact is – there isn’t. There is no need to treat these bites, because they will subside on their own, after a week or so.

All you can do is use some home remedies to reduce the itchy sensation on your skin. You can talk to your dermatologist about some creams and lotions that you can use before going to bed. These products will help you prevent new bites. Lavender oil and olive oil can be very helpful. They can help you calm your skin. If you have been bitten, you must not scratch your skin! If you scratch the skin, you will cause more irritation. Do not use too much oil, because it can prevent your skin from breathing.

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