The fruit fly, a typical little insect comes from the spices Drosophila Melanogaster. There are several types of flies. Fruit flies are also called vinegar flies as they like ripe or rotten fruit. Vinegar is a ripe item rather we can call it fermented product. Fruit fly like fermented fruit and food which are rotten.

The ordinary question we found many of the time do fruit flies control? I faced this question a million time. Not million time I just wanted to let you think that it’s a huge time I have overheard about this frequent question. I have seen many people who love to give much false information. Most of the people try to frighten others by telling so many serious and life threatening problems through it. My suggestion is that does not panic in any situation rather try to overcome it with great comfort.

Do fruit flies bite? – Fruit flies life cycle is so little. It comes to adult stage from pupae in 2 days. Then can highly live up to 10 days. Do you thing that it has a tooth to bite people and suck their blood? It is 1/5 inch in its size. I am sure you are impatient to know either fruit fly bite or not. My simple answer would be “NO”. Fruit fly does not bite humans. It is scientifically proven that fruit flies do not have any tooth. They have a different type of mouth piece that helps them to eat food. I am not telling that you are now totally relieved as I haven’t told you the whole thing. You should be reassured about one matter that they do not bite. I am going to tell you some problematic issues that they can cause.

What dilemma they cause ? – They can cause health problem issues. If you are delimited with fruit fly then you must be concerned about it. Fruit fly loves to live on wet places and stay on garbage area and sewerage area. Think when you are preparing a good meal and watch that some fruit flies are running towards it, and then you must be alarmed. As it can come from a place, which I mentioned in previous line. Fruit flies can cause diarrhea and dysentery. I have also found that it may cause some bacterial problem. These effects on some people skin. People who are allergenic to fly are sometimes faced by this rash quandary.

So now you must be careful about all the fact you are facing through fruit flies. Keep your garbage area neat and clean. Dumping of raw materials attracts fruit flies. Before dumping those raw vegetable items, keep those in a plastic bag. Then try to keep your drain free from flies. By following some simple rules you can get rid fruit fly easily. So, keep trying to solve this fruit fly problem as soon as possible. By doing these, it’ll ensure a healthier life for you.

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