Here you can read everything about bed bug bites, bed bug prevention and treatment. We will tell you more about these bugs, about what they are and why they occur. These insects are small parasites that feed on human blood. You could think that they are pretty much the same as fleas, ticks and lice – but they’re not. These bugs are different for many reasons. We will explain the differences, too. The main difference is in the bite itself.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites are not easy to detect right away. They usually occur after a week or so. Bed bug bites are grouped together, unlike fleabites (that are random and appear on your lower parts of the body). Bed bugs usually go for the upper body parts. Tick bite can be very bad, since ticks can transmit infections. Bed bugs usually do not transmit any infectious diseases but the rash they can cause is bad looking and itchy. If you scratch your skin, you can cause further infection and skin inflammation.

This rash is usually looks like a group of red bumps on your skin. It usually appears on legs, neck, arms and shoulders. Bed bugs bite you while you are sleeping and they inject their saliva into your skin. This saliva acts as an anesthetic, so you cannot feel the bite. That allows them to feed on your blood without any interruption. They are nocturnal organisms, meaning they are active at night. That is why it is hard to notice that you have bed bugs in your home.

Although bed bug bites do not require any special treatment, the rash on your skin can be irritating and itchy. This is especially hard when it happens to children, since they are not always able to control themselves, so they scratch their skin. Scratching can lead to inflammation and skin infection. However, you can get the right treatment from your dermatologist. There are lotions and creams designed for bed bug bites prevention and treatment. Before you decide to use these products, visit your dermatologist first. Sometimes the treatment is not needed, since these bites can go away spontaneously. The most important thing is not to scratch the skin.

Bed bugs are named after their common habitat – bed. They usually inhabit furniture and beds – the places where you spend much time. This is easy to understand, since they are attracted by blood.

Bed bugs are red or brown, but once they eat, they become redder in color. They are around five millimeters long. They can live without any food for a long time, which is one more reason why it is so hard to get rid of them. In addition, they reproduce extremely fast (they are capable of having several hundreds of eggs in a short time). Knowing this, you should know how to prevent bed bugs.

The best you can do to prevent them is to keep your home clean. Regular vacuuming and hygiene maintaining will be helpful. You can also contact specialized companies that can come and vacuum your furniture using steam.

If you store any old furniture in the house, you should consider removing it. Bed bugs love old furniture, because they can live there and reproduce without any interruption. If you have any rooms that you don’t use, you should clean these rooms, too. As we said, these places are perfect for bed bugs.

People are usually afraid of bed bugs and they panic once they see the bites on the skin. However, bed bug bites are not very dangerous, and they are much different from fleabites. Fleas can transmit various diseases, and their bites should be treated. Bed bug bites usually subside on their own, after a week or two, and they usually don’t require any special treatment.

If your skin is irritated and itchy, you can use some great home remedies to reduce the itchy sensation. Lavender oil and olive oil are great remedies for any type of skin irritation. Do not scratch the skin and wait for the bite marks to disappear. The most important thing is to prevent new bed bug bites, and this is only possible if you get rid of bed bugs in your home. We gave you some advice on this, and we hope it will work!

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