The subject of this article is “bed bug bites vs. flea bites”. It is important to know the difference between bed bugs and other insects and their bites. Sometimes it is hard to make the difference, especially if you have never been bitten by any of these insects. There is one thing they all have in common: they bite! Bite marks look different, but all of these insects can irritate your skin. However, prevention and removal are not the same for all of these insects. Therefore, it is important that you know exactly what kind of parasites you are dealing with.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites are not always easy to spot. First, these bites are not painful right away. In fact, bed bugs inject their saliva into your skin while they are sucking your blood, and this saliva acts as a sort of anesthetic. That is the very reason why their bites are not painful and you don’t even feel them. You will notice the bites after a week, when you see a red bump on your skin. Bed bug bites can develop into bad rashes on your skin. These rashes usually appear on your legs, arms, neck and shoulders. People with sensitive skin can experience skin irritation. Some people instinctively scratch these bumps during their sleep, which can only make things worse and cause skin inflammation.

Unlike fleabites, these bites rarely lead to complications and they usually go away after ten days. That is the average for most of people. Bed bugs cannot infect you with any disease. It is true that they are annoying and they spread very fast, but they can rarely cause serious skin problems. The rash they cause can be painful and itchy, but the rash usually goes away spontaneously without any special treatment. To prevent them, you can apply special lotions and creams before going to bed. You can ask your dermatologist for some good advice on this.

Flea Bites

Similar to bed bugs, fleas are also parasites and they feed on blood. The difference between bed bugs and fleas is that bed bugs live inside your furniture, while fleas live on animal coats. Fleas can also be seen in small furry animals. They attach to the host’s skin and they remain there, sucking the host’s blood. They also spread very fast.

Fleas are smaller than bed bugs, but they can cause allergies in humans, especially in children. Fleabites can be found on ankles (or legs), while bed bugs usually go for the upper body parts. Bed bug bites look different from fleabites. Fleabites are random, while bed bug bites are grouped.

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