Here you can read more about bed bug bite symptoms. It is very important to know the difference between the bites of bed bugs and those of other insects. Bed bugs usually live in mattresses and other parts of furniture. They feed on our blood and sometimes these bites can become very bad looking. They are different form tick bites or mosquito bites.

What Are the Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites?

The rash is one of the common symptoms. It doesn’t actually occur right away, so if you get bitten, you will not notice it right away. Bed bug rash usually appears on one’s skin after a period of one week. Bed bug rash looks like a group of red bumps and it is very itchy. Do not scratch your skin, since that can lead to inflammation and further infection. This rash usually occurs on the neck, legs, arms and shoulders. It can affect other body parts, too, but these are the commonly affected areas.

The worst thing here is that you can develop a kind of allergies. In that case, your skin can become extremely irritated and itchy. These cases are rare, but they are possible. As we said, the rash is usually the only symptom that indicates bed bugs. Some people, however, do not experience skin rash. They can have a bite mark and it can easily go unnoticed. Some people just ignore the bite, believing it is just a mosquito bite – and the bite heals, without any skin irritation at all.

There are ways to prevent bed bug bites. First, you should take care of your house and furniture, especially beds. You can call a specialized company to clean your house and mattresses. You can also visit your dermatologist and get the right product to use on your skin in order to prevent bed bugs bites. Most of these products are sold as lotions that are applied onto one’s skin before going to bed. That will keep you safe during the night, since bed bugs are active at night.

Your sheets must always be clean, so as your mattresses and other furniture in the house. If you notice a bite on your skin or on your child’s skin, do something to prevent this from happening again. If the bite develops into bed bugs rash, visit your dermatologist to get a proper treatment.

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