Are you sleeping with bed bugs? This is a good question, especially if you have bite marks on your skin and you have no idea where they come from. What are bed bugs? Bed bugs live in your bed and other furniture. These bugs reproduce very fast, so they can invade your home in very short time. One bed bug lives for a year or so, but during this time, it is capable of producing thousands of eggs.

If you have noticed bite marks on your skin that look like rashes, you might think it is an allergy. However, if you are not allergic to anything, you must be wondering what this rash is. Well, it is probable that you have bed bugs in your home. If your skin is itchy and irritated, this means that you have probably been bitten by these creatures.

Bed bugs feed on your blood. They are active during the night and you can hardly see them. While eating, bed bugs inject their own saliva into the host’s skin. This acts as an anesthetic, so you can’t feel the bite right away. You will feel the bites on your skin after several days, when they get itchy and annoying.

You can do several things to get rid of these bugs. First, you can call professional furniture cleaners, who will come and clean all your furniture and carpets. They are well equipped for this kind of work. All you have to do is take care of the house hygiene and do the regular checks. You can use chemicals designed for killing these bugs. However, before you start using any of these products, you must consult professionals and see how safe these chemicals really are. This is important, especially if you have children or pets.

You should clean all rooms in your house – even those you don’t use. These places are perfect for bed bugs to hide and reproduce. If you store your old furniture in the house, you should remove it.

Visit your dermatologist and see if you can get any cream or lotion to calm your skin and prevent bed bugs from biting you again. Most of these skin care products are used right before going to bed, so they should keep you safe during the night. However, do not use any remedies on your own. Your dermatologist should tell you how to use skin care products.

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